A Complete Mobile Marketing Solution

A Complete Mobile Marketing Solution

Having a mobile marketing campaign in place is something every business owner should have in place. The growing number of mobile users world-wide provides an almost endless supply of potential prospects and new leads.
There are some main types of mobile marketing campaigns – SMS Marketing, Mobile Websites, QR Code and NFC marketing, as well as Mobile Wallet Loyalty marketing. Each of these can be used independently but work well as part of an integrated campaign.
QR Code and NFC Marketing
These square codes and small programmable chips provide a seamless link between traditional and mobile advertising. QR Codes are often printed on flyers, newspaper and magazine ads, business cards, posters etc. and NFC tags can be added to these mediums as well. This gives your traditional media a techy and interactive feel. QR codes can also be posted on social media or included in emails to encourage more people to scan them. When QR Codes are scanned and NFC tags are tapped, the user will be directed to specific content or encouraged to download a virtual business card or coupon. 


SMS Marketing
SMS marketing has proven its longevity and is still a top tool for mobile marketers, and will be many years to come. You can use SMS marketing to send out mass messages about promotions, new products or business updates as well as schedule appointment reminder messages and send birthday greetings to your top clients. This can also be used as a fun way to interact with your audience via text-to-screen features.


Mobile Websites
Often dubbed as the epicenter of any mobile marketing campaign, mobile websites allow
themobile focused consumer to stumble upon your business. Consumers are continually bombarded with promotions, deals, and marketing messages. That’s why it’s important for potential prospects have an exceptional user experience. A mobile website will have improved functionality, usability and quick loading times and mobile websites are optimized for viewing on the mobile platform.

Features like tap-to-call, social media, mobile payments/stores, tap-to-map, text boxes, image boxes and a lot more are available features for mobile websites. It’s important to note that mobile websites are also considered as mobile web apps and can compete with any native app in terms of functionality, availability and price.


Mobile Wallet Loyalty
In any highly competitive business, it’s important to give your existing customers incentive to continue using your product or services. Mobile Wallet Loyalty programs allow the business owner to provide coupons, discounts, news updates, stored valued cards or even digital business cards to the consumer directly to the lock-screen of their smartphone. Looking to reach consumers and entice them to visit your establishment? Couple the mobile wallet with proximity based solutions and when a customer walks past the specific location, they are instantly sent a message that is relevant and engaging.





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