Auto Sales Success With Text Messaging and Short Code Marketing

Auto Sales Success With Text Messaging and Short Code Marketing

For some reason, the widespread use of text messaging by American smartphone users has only begun in recent years. Compared to Latin America and Europe, the United States is just starting to take advantage of the diverse functionality of Short Message System (SMS) marketing.

It was not until 2014 that Americans really embraced text messaging. Whereas mobile phone users in Europe essentially grew up with advanced SMS applications such as personal banking, information services, and even virtual dating. Americans were more interested in wireless data solutions such as social networks and group messaging apps.

Now that Americans have fully embraced text messaging, auto dealers have an excellent opportunity to generate leads and establish communications with prospects and customers, which can be accomplished with marketing campaigns that involve the use of text keywords sent to short codes.

The Simplicity of Texting Keywords to Short Codes:

SMS marketing campaigns for auto dealers require two main elements: the keyword and the short code. Here are two live examples you can try now:

Text SELLCARS to 696696
Text ROY to 696696

What happens when a prospect engages in the text messaging interaction above can be crafted according to the desired results of the campaign. For example, let's say a used Ford Mustang that is 10 years away from becoming a classic is parked close to the sidewalk; in this case, a sign on the windshield can prompt prospects to text MUSTANG or CLASSIC to a short code for more information.

The SMS reply sent to the example interaction above can include sales copy that the prospect will find useful and engaging. At the minimum, the model and trim of the Mustang can be included along with some engine specs and the telephone number of the dealer. For more details, a link can be included so that the prospect can see an information card formatted for mobile viewing.

Text Messaging Campaign Options:

The choices for displaying short code marketing campaigns range from billboards to signs inside public buses and from Craigslist ads to online banner ads.

Keywords can be set up so that a specific salespersons can be reached directly on their smartphones, but their phone numbers do not have to be revealed so that the dealer always retains the lead even if the salesperson stops working for them.

The idea behind short code marketing campaigns is to establish a very personal, one-on-one communications. The reply messages do not always have to display information about cars on sale. What about advertising a holiday sale to celebrate the Fourth of July with discounts on domestic models? 

In the end, auto dealers must remember that short code marketing is a strategy that takes two to tango; in other words, prospects initiate direct contact and become leads that are pretty low in the sales funnel. In the example above, the prospect is looking at a gleaming Mustang in front of her. If she is taking the time to send a message to the short code, it is because she is very interested and may agree to be treated as a qualified lead.

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