Building a Work-from-Home Career as a Direct Seller

Building a Work-from-Home Career as a Direct Seller

As a young business owner, it’s easy to find yourself spread too thin. Before you know it, you may be juggling three different jobs – all the while attending school and trying to embark on new opportunities as they come.

As a small business owner of 21 years, I can relate. Shortly after getting married, I was introduced to direct selling, a field in which my husband already had experience. At first, I was hesitant to make any sort of change; it was difficult to imagine taking on yet one more responsibility.

But as my involvement and understanding of the field deepened, I found that the entrepreneurial opportunities through Amway were a great fit for me, and helped balance out my busy life. I became increasingly committed to my own business, and built a positive community that combined my passion for helping others with the practical necessity of making money. In short, my work/life balance was tremendously improved.

Becoming a direct seller made it possible to tailor a work-from-home career, with a schedule that enabled spending more time with family and devoting energy to mentorship and charitable efforts. The richness of these varied experiences also helped to create a more successful and well-rounded professional. It’s a lifestyle that typically isn’t attainable in a traditional nine-to-five work environment.

As a mom of four kids, I’ve found working from home offers many benefits, such as the ability to be present in the different aspects of your children’s lives as they grow. You’re empowered to prioritize your schedule and manage your time as you see fit: running errands, attending parent-teacher conferences, taking your children to the dentist and doctor or enjoying family vacations – all without the worry of requesting time out of the office.

As a direct seller, you can create a personalized business growth plan and manage it at a pace – and in a style – that works best for you. For instance, I focus on identifying customer needs and offering solutions whenever and wherever possible. Simple trips to the grocery store or chatting with other parents at the park or school can lead to potential opportunities and new ideas. I develop my own sales strategies and can learn more about Amway’s products at any given time based on my customers’ needs.

For those who are considering building a home-based business, be open to potentially life-changing opportunities and engage with prospective customers, mentors, teams and family – positive voices in your community that support your goals and success. Give yourself a chance to imagine a different kind of work and lifestyle. It could lead to a new world where instead of being spread too thin, you’re making a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

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