Excel in Your Business by Learning Organizational Skills and Balance

Excel in Your Business by Learning Organizational Skills and Balance

Why are good organizational skills so critical in the workplace?  Organization provides the ability to utilize your time, efforts and resources in the most effective way to produce positive results.

Mastering those skills will assist with:

  • Time and stress management.
  • Meeting project deadlines.
  • Better management skills.
  • Accessibility of documents.
  • Creating trust and professionalism within your team.

So, how do we begin with organization?

  • Create “to do” lists, and mark items off as you complete them.  Categorize them relative to A, B, and C—A priority, B middle, and C least important. Many people do a to-do list and lump it all into one list. Should you go in that direction, your list will just grow and you will become overwhelmed. Categorizing it assists with mind control. Once you achieve positive results in accomplishing the most important tasks first, you will become motivated and your B and C list will be very easy.
  • Set boundaries and learn to say no to colleagues.  Boundaries and limits assist with taking charge of your time and feelings.
  • Set family goals.  Do not allow anything to interfere with things you have scheduled with your family.  We all realize how important goal setting is.  We continually strive to meet our professional goals so don’t forget about the importance of personal and family goals.
  • Choose an accountability partner.  This will assist with eliminating procrastination.  An accountability partner understands your strengths and weaknesses, therefore, helping you reach your desired outcome in a productive manner.
  • Allow additional time in the morning so your day will be structured in a calm and positive way.  This will help you accomplish your tasks in a timelier fashion.
  • Keep track of your PA (productive actions) and NPA (non-productive actions).  This will help you figure out your time wasters.

Creating organizational structure will assist you with persistence.  Persistence is an essential factor in the process and if you do not learn how to be persistent you will not achieve successful results.  To become persistent, you must first know what you want. A strong motive forces one to surmount many difficulties. You must have the desire to pursue the object of your intensity. This will develop your self-reliance and help you formulate organized plans for the development of your goal.

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Be sure to create time for yourself.  You are no good to family or colleagues if you can’t find time to relax, relieve tension, and minimize stress.  Once you practice effective organizational habits you will be able to spend additional time with your family and friends.  Include your family in as many areas as you can. For example:  after-work socializing can interfere with your personal life, but there are times it is a necessity in your career.  Find ways to balance those after-work socialization functions successfully by including your spouse.

Once you are organized your mind will be clear and you will be able to unwind on your way home and you won’t be taking home any negativity.  The end result will be additional family bonding and enjoyable time.

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