How To Sell Stuff Online | Real-Talk About Selling Stuff Online and Making Residual Income

How To Sell Stuff Online | Real-Talk About Selling Stuff Online and Making Residual Income

How To Sell Stuff Online – About 4 years ago, I was… well… unhappy working a regular “cubicle” job every single day from 8am – 5pm. It was SUPER boring and was driving me absolutely bonkers.

I had seen so many ads about “making money online” and “how to sell stuff online for a living”, so I took the plunge into a completely different business model in the online realm.

The coolest things about this model:

1) I get to work from home OR literally anywhere in the world that has Internet access
2) I get to show people my step-by-step methods of duplicating EXACTLY what I do.
3) Monthly residual income coming in, even if I decide to take a few weeks off and take my wife on a vacation to Jamaica.

What I’m going to show you will definitely CHALLENGE you. Running any type of business in any niche is difficult if it’s your first time, so be prepared to learn and work your butt off in the beginning.

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Joshua Quansah says:

You look so turnt up..but I love your video..谢谢

Ron Hickman says:

This guy is high as all get out! hahaha

newlife says:

are you high? hahaha  but thank you  big help  

Yeabsera Shire says:

Damm you look high as hell

Natalie Fiegl says:

you spent basicly the hole video talking

N Riaz says:

aiai   dude your high as a kite….lol 

Konstantinos Filippopoulos says:

Hey Philip, I come from Greece and I'm going to use this system tommorow,,,,but tell me sthing plz…. Do Amazon and e-bay have different sites for Europe and US??
Specially on e-bay I see different currancies, dollars, euros, pounds….Do you think this is an obstacle for me doing this thing? Or maybe shipping costs if the buyers are from the other side of Atlantic? Happy New Year man!

Guillermo Gilmore says:

Do you know much about SEO & backlinking? You mentioned video creation and I heard link building helps rank videos pretty fast.

Cassandra Armor says:

How long do you think it will realistically take to get into profit using your system?

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