Increase Blogging Reach With HivePower Blogging by Markethive

Increase Blogging Reach With HivePower Blogging by Markethive

August 30, 2016. Markethive announces its innovative new HivePower Blogging System which increases Reach into the 100’s of 1000’s when configured properly. The system controls any size network of WordPress blogs all from within the Markethive UI and is capable of reaching massive numbers of any niche market through social media syndication.

The HivePower Blogging System is part of Markethive’s Total Inbound Marketing System, the only inbound marketing platform which extra viral effect features its own vibrant social community in addition to its leading-edge tools designed specifically to give SME’s the marketing power of Fortune 100 enterprises.

This tool and many others are available for free because Markethive is funded by advertising by and for online marketing entrepreneurs. Markethive community members are located primarily in the US but many also live abroad and a surge of members is expected when Markethive turns on the ‘multilingual’ of the platform.

Markethive is the predecessor of Veretekk, arguably the first online social network and inbound marketing platform and also the inventor of the autoresponder and many other softwares and marketing tools taken for granted today.

The Markethive Total Inbound Marketing System includes everything today’s internet entrepreneur needs to gain an unfair advantage in todays competitive and noisey marketplace.

Features include advanced blogging and content syndication which integrates with WordPress, 1-Click Capture Pages and Widgets, a robust and integrated groups function, community messaging, campaign creation and sophisticated link tracking, Lead Management, Internal and Google Calendering with Event Integration, email on Amazon servers with 99+% deliverability and one of the highest security ratings from Ironport.

Markethive also offer live training, programmed skill aquisition and meritorious advancement and certification, and a separate affiliate program for sales of the platforms ad space.

For more information please contact Art Williams at [email protected], Skype: atwill4, or phone 713 701 1853. Or just register for your free Markethive site at: and I’ll be in touch with you.



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