Make a Residual Income Online Reselling Domain Names

Make a Residual Income Online Reselling Domain Names

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John David says:

The perplexing matter we now experience in the cyberspace is the overload of videos which are entertaining only but could not be of use when starting making money online. The good news is that you can check the vid at Proper Income dot com and start earning today.


John David

deltafan909 says:

Lisa, can someone use adsense is they are under 18?

Phoon Stev says:

Wonder and excellent post Lisa.. thank you very much for sharing

thetechgeneration says:

@Xyrutano in the adsense tos, it says 18+, thats why I don't use it yet.

Richard Buchanan says:

@lisa3876 lol

7imothy1 says:

Great post many thanks Lisa. x

Lisa Irby says:

@Xyrutano that's EXCELLENT as long as you aren't the one clicking those ads. lol

Bruce Wayne says:

google approved me today, just about an hour ago, im 15 made $9 so far is that good?

Renata Rimkute says:

Great Video Thank You…

Patrick Broaden says:


Chancery Ford says:

This video is great! we can get a lot of ideas from here. Keep us posted!

Stu Jonas says:

Love all your stuff, glad I found you. Thanks for keeping it so real!!!

Richard Berry says:

Good references. I always enjoy listening to you because you are right on the mark. No smoke screens, just the facts. I'm in a bit of a jam having visitors but the monetizing is not easy the achieve. What should I do about this? I don't want to put up products that are not relevant to my niche.

Roy Bullet Tube says:

Can You Tell Straight and Simple Of What IS Residual INcome ?

tjkoolaid says:

@lisa3876 i've been trying to do affiliate programs since '02 but i've been getting some wack ones that wanted me to buy their website and generate income from there… i've had a lot of bad experiences with affiliate programs… how do you know which one is good and which is not just scamming?

Shena Williams says:

I have not thought about doing this. This is so smart!!!!!

poorgetrich says:

what do you think about poorgetrichcom

OmRS and CET says:

Thanks Lisa,
I am studying your methods. My passion is horses. So I have a web site that has been around since 2003. But still not very much traffic. Although I know I don't spend enough time optimizing it for traffic. I also noticed that clickbank doesn't have horse products to sell…So what product residualwise, would you suggest for horse people? Natural products might be big…
I make training videos of my horses. So that would be my best way right now to gather visitors….Thanks!

nasiba cader says:

hiya Lisa – thanks for that i will check it ou

have a great day

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