Markethive Capture Page System Demo #1

Markethive Capture Page System Demo #1

09.12.16 – Markethive Capture Page System Demo #1.

A walkthrough of the free Markethive Capture Page System showing how it allows quick and easy customization of all the essential elements of a capture page for any type of campaign, lead generation, or sales funnel.

Markethive Capture Pages consist of a customizable widget embeded within a customizable capture page. A large and growing gallary of widgets and capture pages are available including ones for all major MLM companies.

These capture pages also integrate fully with other elements of the Markethive Inbound Marketing System such as email (with 99.7% deliverability), robust autoresponders, sales funnels, groups, sophisticated tracking, blogs, and social media.

The Markethive Inbound Marketing System is equatable and arguably better than Hubspot, Pardot, Eloqua, and other inbound marketing systems costing into the thousands of dollars a month.

Another unique advantage of this system is Markethive’s free training and vibrant community of thousands of online entrepreneurs which gives Markethive activity and campaigns a viral quality unavailable anywhere else at any price.

Membership in Markethive, the first and only fully functioning Market Network on the internet, is free at:

For more information contact Art Williams, Skype: ‘atwill4’ or ph. (713) 701 1853.



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