Passive Residual Income – Explained in Plain English

Passive Residual Income – Explained in Plain English Passive Residual Income Explained in Plain English. Are you carrying buckets or building a pipeline. This video explains what a residual income is and why it is important to create a passive income.



William Deleenheer says:

In reality when mr blue sees mr red's succes he build's a pipeline himself, but in stead of laying on the beach he's gonna make sure his price is lower then mr red's price + he's gonna provide an extra service to his customers and mr red will have to start working again if he wants to keep earning. I learned that whatever you do, someone else will always try to do it cheaper. Apart from that it's a good way of thinking. But just know any business or idea you have, and you're planning to outsource your work so you have freedom. This also means someone else can do it cheaper by doing the work himself/herself while you are laying on the beach. (Sorry for my English)ย 

Intas zeraus says:

this reminds me of my network marketing career VEMMA! thanks for this video (:

Ravindra Induruwa says:

I want to be Mr Red. But not the one from Reservoir Dogs.


Damon Vifquain says:

I was taught by a group of businessmen from Seattle a way to create a very real passive residual income simply by consumption. The definition of freedom. Not having to worry about going to work, and getting to spend time with your family while being able to support them. That was my dream, to be free financially. Anyone can do it, I've seen 18 and 19 year olds retired making comfortable incomes from this. If that is at all interesting to you, get in touch with me.
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ashleyallsop says:

I really like this video Jason, good job ๐Ÿ™‚

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