Qivana Review: Why Qivana Doesn’t Produce Long Term Residual Income

Qivana Review: Why Qivana Doesn’t Produce Long Term Residual Income

Qivana Review: Why Qivana Doesn’t Produce Long Term Residual Income

This video is a Qivana review, of the company and the Qivana compensation plan. We’re going to unravel a little bit about the Qivana compensation plan and share exactly why there is no long term residual income.

In this Qivana review we’re going to go through the faults that stop Qivana from being able to create real residual income. This Qivana review might be one of the most important videos you’ll ever watch regarding the Qivana opportunity and the Qivana compensation plan.

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Gary Carr says:

I bought $6K of Qiana Products…..used them mostly myself. I lost money. Did not make any money.
Do not listen to Jerry Campisi or Richard Kall. MLM is Many Losing Money. You are better off getting a job. Real income.

Michael Zimmer says:

Just to clarify Qivana's customer retention isn't an 80/20 as you claim; Qivana's compensation plan does not and has never included a $75 or $150 autoship product offering; and Qivana's compensation plan does not require a distributor to personally subscribe to an auto-ship equal to or greater than the qualification volumes to generate override commissions and bonuses. It appears Qivana's company name was overlaid onto another companies compensation plan and average results.

John Mandaro says:

This guy is legite…

bigjayking24 says:

Very true…very true.

Golf Progress says:

I kept waiting for you to talk about Qivana but you never did. You said you would review the company–where are the details?   Then I saw the topics of your other videos on Herbalife, Visalus, etc. and I realized that you're just using these MLM company names for keyword traffic.  This qualifies you as a spammer in my book.  Just because your team unraveled 7 years ago doesn't mean that all future MLM companies are going to fail.  

Please tell me what points during your video you actually reviewed Qivana in case I missed it.  

I assume you're just trying to sell your own info product.  That's fine, there's nothing wrong with selling information.  But you're tricking people with the title of your videos and your introductions are misleading.  You just wasted 10:28 of my life sir.  

jpantaleojr says:

I already had to pause to point out something SO TROUBLING…. Scary Fact #1…. You said you lost your 1.5M home due to your team going from 5k to 50 active users. That is your fault right there. Who on earth would go and purchase a 1.5M home from a residual based network marketing company. Shame on you. What you should have done is took the 300k you had for a down payment… And purchased real estate that really does produce CASH FLOW…. Can't rely on attrition of network marketing. Let's see what else you have to say 

Kristin Cafferty says:

Please be sure to do your due diligance on this gentleman as well.  If you are looking at Qivana for business or products you should not listen to a "stranger" that does not have any investment in your life without finding out more about him. Qivana has rock solid science behind their products, the founders have incredible backgrounds of success in relevant industries and the quality assurance and record breaking profits will speak for themselves.  If you turn away from the company because of this video … well … keep your eye on Qivana and in 2-4 years let me know your thoughts.

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