Residual Income Stock Photography Step #10: Uploading 140 images per week – GOALS

Residual Income Stock Photography Step #10: Uploading 140 images per week – GOALS
Step #10 — How to Upload 140 Per Week
It’s important to get your images up! Even if images are coming back rejected, it will give you an idea what where you need to focus on technically. Over the last few months, I’ve dug through over twenty microstock agencies and took an in depth look at where I feel images are selling, and what agencies I would recommend people working with. You can get your images up with just an hour or two of work per day, maybe two hours a night after work.
I have outsourced my keywording and my uploading. This really frees me up to take pictures! You look on Craiglist, or at the local university for someone who might me interested. With outsourcing my keywording and uploading, I’m able to spend my time taking photos. Make this your GOAL and DO IT!



Katarina says:

Great advice and great videos. Thanks a lot for all you've shared with us.

srlkngl says:

are you still active on youtube Mr Guru?

Ahmed Adly says:

Thank you for the great series , hope to continue on it.

Declan Murphy says:

Dude. You're a good guy. Thanks for these great vids.

theacappellian says:

What website would you recommend for music?

Earl J says:

hi, i am new to micro stock. i am just an amateur photographer, with no professional equipment (i hope i can get some if i earn some money from this procedure). my question is, do you suggest uploading at one stock site or multiple together? i am in the same as you. do you think it is better to try to become an executive there or just upload on other sites too?

thanks for your time

Robert Bascelli says:

Steve… These videos are an endless amount of info… Please keep it up. Great job.

JOMY M says:

Good video. I don't have a studio . How can I still make money from Istock ? Also why do you only upload to istock ?

Veronique says:

I remember the exitement when I made my first … 10 cents from stock photography…. Yes, 10 CENTS, that was about 7 years ago. Things have changed for the better.

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