Residual Income Stock Photography Step #3: Model & Property Releases

Residual Income Stock Photography Step #3: Model & Property Releases

Step #3 — When Do You Need a Model/Property Release?
You need a property release when you are shooting people where their identity is visible. It is hit/miss when dealing with bodies, but always with faces. Feet/hands, etc. you are probably safe to not have a release. Most microstock companies will accept a signed model release from another agency, however we discovered that Dreamstime did not.
When dealing with properties, you may or may not need one, and it’s not always cut and dry. It is recommended that a property release is obtained by a property owner when the property is more highly recognizable and unique. If there is some kind of signage, or majorly distinct, get a property release.
This is vague, but a property release will almost always be needed for
A. cars
B. Art
C. identifiable personal property, ie, a handmade canoe
D. some real estate, ie. Madison Square Garden.
I have shot high-end homes in high-end neighborhoods and these have been readily accepted and sold well. In the end, if you can get a model or property release, GET IT!



Gitsum says:

I do a lot of automotive photography at car shows, etc. Most of the images are close-up detail work. If I avoid logos, would I still need a property release from the car owner?

BetsyBet101 says:

Thank you for for your videos!ย  Learning alot!

Alexandra Gaudiosi says:

Great video! I can't seem to find the link for model and property releases though.

PreciousPro says:

Quick question. I have been researching doing stock photography. I'm doing a bit of studying into this before I make a huge investment in time. I see that you have worked with a lot of different websites. My question for you would be….which website should I start with first and set up on so I don't overwhelm myself?

synthrotek says:

It can be hard, but you can try to find some sort of address? You can also shoot these for editorial submissions

synthrotek says:

they are free at istockphoto

synthrotek says:

Even if you dont pay, you MAY need a property release, ie, the Astro Dome, etc.

chasity reagle says:

Awesome! Thank you so much!!

Allie Brice says:

As far as property releases…I was told if you have to pay to get in…if it isn't public and open, you need a property release. Is this correct?

Oscar Veras says:

Learning on each video.
Thank You very much!

Robert Bascelli says:

Question Steve… Well more of a dilemma. I live in Mexico most of the time… The people I shoot are mostly homeless and have no telephones or cell phones. They beg for food. They have no computers . I played hell just getting internet down here.How can you approach someone like that to sign a model release? Any suggestions?

R L says:

Wow…never would have known. Thanks! Good tip!

Stefan Nikolic says:

where can u get a property release??

John Marks says:

SEXY voice!

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