Residual Income Stock Photography Step #4: Available Light – How to use it!

Residual Income Stock Photography Step #4: Available Light – How to use it!
Here at our goal is to get you on the path of creating residual income from microstock photography, and making this goal obtainable to anyone, regardless of finances. So, you don’t need to run out and purchase tons of lighting equipment. One of the easiest things to shoot is landscape, and the lighting is powered by the sun! There is landscape pretty much all around you. Take a look around, do you see rolling hills? Shoot it! Do you see a city skyline? Shoot it! Shoot everything around you and fill up your CF or SD card.
After you’ve maxed out a few memory cards, take a walk around your town. Do you live in an urban area? Do you live in a rural city? It doesn’t matter your setting, there is architecture all around you. Take pictures of that old rusty fence, or that boarded up factory. Just be aware of any signage or copyrighted logos that you might need a release for.
You finished exploring your town, and filled up a few memory cards, now what? Head indoors and check whats inside of your fridge! Is that a bowl of strawberries? Set up your PVC Lightbox you made, and take pictures of the strawberries. Now, take a picture of the strawberries from above. Then, from the side. You can use the same subject and create many different images. Do you have old paper or postcards sitting around? Grab them and get’em into your lightbox. Designers really like using old grungy looking backgrounds and old paper or postcards are perfect for this.



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