Residual Income Stock Photography Step # 6 & 7: Post Production: Digital Asset Management

Residual Income Stock Photography Step # 6 & 7: Post Production: Digital Asset Management
Step #6-Digital Asset Management
After you’ve got your images transferred to a hard drive and backed up somewhere else, double check that they are there, and then you can format your memory card. With your newly transferred pictures on your drive, it’s important to organize them in a way you can easily find them.
Some programs I strongly recommend you get a copy of Lightroom and Photoshop. If you are a student, you can get a pretty good discount on them. I use Lightroom and Photoshop, so most of what I’ll discuss is about those. I like to organize each project in a new catalog. In Lightroom click the new catalog option and enter in what your shoot was about. Lightroom will restart and now it’s time to import your images. Click the import button and toggle the standard preview option. The standard preview option might take a little longer in the import process, but it’s easier to cruise through images while editing. Images are imported, now you need to choose which ones you want to work with. After your images are imported, you need to switch to a new module in Lightroom called Develop. In my workflow I apply a star to each image that I like (the one star means this image has potential). Filter your images to display images with one star. Now that you have images with “potential”, you need to comb back through your images and look at the technical details. If you feel it’s up to par, then assign it a two star rating. Once you’ve filtered your images it’s time to normalize them. By normalizing them, you want to do color corrections, check for exposure, and fix obvious issues like sensor spots and cropping.



Taylor says:

Audio is still only on the left side. :/

Steve C says:

I use Lightroom for my site but once I uploaded photos that had been in pp to Shutterstock they rejected them, so I now upload pure unedited photos to them and usually they get approved

jeremy41234 says:

i hate your intro SO much. everything else is nice though

JackSteelGaming says:

Excellent Info, I'm still new but adding your Info to my brain's hard-drive ๐Ÿ™‚

WindingtheSkein says:

Good stuff. Thanks!

PetrolSmell says:

What I do is press (P) for pick for the images I like at the beginning. Then filter and start to classify with stars.

PetrolSmell says:

Man you can import directly from your card from lightroom, plus rename. And then you can go back to the card and delete after you are sure you have it BACKED UP! Much faster and comfortable

Garrick Boyd says:

Is your camera setup for forensics?

re: 'Error 4004: Denied: You do not have the correct access level to use this class.'

LucidDreamTricks says:

Unfortunately it happens for both. I only tried the second account when the first failed. Is there anything I have to do to make it so I'm allowed to upload images to istock? I've verified my email with them and everything else I can think of…

LucidDreamTricks says:

BTW I've emailed deep meta support about it but they're don't seem to answer messages.

LucidDreamTricks says:

Any idea why in deep meta when I try to add keywords to a photo it tells me 'Error 4004: Denied: You do not have the correct access level to use this class.'? I've checked that I am able to log in ok in deep meta and I get the same error on two different accounts I've made.

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