Residual Income Stock Photography Step #9: Uploading to your Microstock Sites

Residual Income Stock Photography Step #9: Uploading to your Microstock Sites

Step #9 — Uploading to Microstock Sites
The thing you need to thing about here is how am I going to get my images up. There are some sites that will help you get your images out to stock sites ie. Pickworkflow. The idea is great, but we had trouble with the interface. IF you are uploading to iStock, DeepMeta is really awesome!
Once you’ve got the images uploaded, you can go through and title, keyword, add categories, and a description of the image. For keywording check out Yuri Arcurs website. It’s very helpful in finding proper keywords for your images. Another good site is Both site will help you generate keywords for your images. Just make sure you edit out the keywords that don’t pertain to your images because stock agencies can/will reject you for that. Answer the main 5 questions for your images (Who, What, Where, When, Why). After you have your images ready to go, you can submit them to the inspection queue. Once they’re in the queue someone from the agency will take a look at your image and give you a verdict on it.



StevenWayneJones says:

Super complicated and sounds time consuming. Not sure if the hours put in will pay off. It may take years and thousands of hours to ever start making cash. I don't have the time for all this crap. Thanks for the info though.

Keith Hecker says:

also what is the Id verification on those sights an how do u get it verified?

Keith Hecker says:

can u add the same photo to all the different stock photo sight out there?

Construct 2 Tutorials says:

that airhorn kills me lol

Parham Baker says:

Some good thoughts, but that many images a week is unrealistic unless you start with a chunk of cash to get you through till you have a year or twos submissions going. Β Right?

Nick Williamson says:

Loving the advice, but I wish you'd lose the airhorn at the beginning of the videos! I turn the volume up to hear your voice, then I move on to the next video and wake up half the neighbourhood!

Shana says:

thanks for info! πŸ™‚

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