5 Different Kinds of Bidet

5 Different Kinds of Bidet

Bidets are certainly a much more hygienic alternative to toilet paper and hand showers when it comes to cleanliness of the rectal and genital areas. They first originated in France and have taken the western world over by storm lately.

More and more people are now switching over to bidets from more conventional options. Thanks to advancements in technology, bidets have revolutionized as well and now there are many different kinds available depending on your needs. They may be as sole bidets or come as a bidet-toilet combo. The most popular kinds of bidets in use these days are the following:


Electric bidets usually come as separate toilet seats. They have a whole number of options to them, including warm washing to controlling the kind of spray and pressure. They are certainly a very luxurious addition to the bathroom.

Electric bidets can also shift the angle of the faucet to allow for proper washing of the area in question. They come with a remote control or a control panel which can call for heating of the seat which can be a blessing in the winter.

Non Electric

Non electric bidet models are the eco-friendly version of the lot. They work with pressure alone which allow by hand and are easy to use. They may not be as luxurious as the electric bidets but even so are a much cheaper alternative to fancy electric bidets.

Non electric bidets can usually easily fit on any kind of toilet. They won’t even be a burden on your electric bill and they have their own sets of options to choose from.

Over the Rim

This form of a bidet is similar to that of a sink. The bidet basin fills with water from a downward flow of water from the tap. You use this water to clean your genitals and rear area. The basin has no rim, which is why it is easy to use it without having the fear of the water overflowing.


A spray bidet comes as a hand held shower or a faucet included in the seat of the toilet. If the spray is embedded in the seat, it can come as a horizontal spray or a vertical spray.

The horizontal model sprays out a horizontal stream of water from the edge of the bidet bowl whereas the vertical faucet is situated at the center of the bowl and gives off a powerful jet of water which ensures proper cleaning of the area intended for cleaning.


A combination model of bidet combines a vertical jet and a heated rim to deliver efficient flow of water and great cleaning.

As for a heated rim, in it the water is filled in the basin from under the bowl instead of a faucet that flows downward. It warms the water with the use of hot and cold taps. This feature, combined with a vertical spray jet is what ensures proper cleaning and comfort in the combination model.

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