6 Innovative Ways to Make Money from Home

6 Innovative Ways to Make Money from Home

We live in a world where having a side job – or several – is a completely regular occurrence. What sets our day and age apart from certain past times is the fact the internet exists. Thanks to the world wide web, freelancing is a huge part of that very world and, in fact, it’s how a great majority earns a living – even uses freelancing as a primary source of income. What’s especially helpful are numerous free platforms that allow you to easily conduct business from home. While there are myriads of ways to do business from the comfort of your living room, today we’re going to be looking at six innovative ways to make money from home. And guess what? They all thrive thanks to cyberspace.

Start a successful Fiverr business

Good news for all the creatives in the world – you can charge for your services through Fiverr and various other, similar freelancing sites! Except Fiverr lets you charge for … virtually any skill you may have. The jobs can range from something as regular as designing a pamphlet or a logo to random bizarre gigs that entail no more than holding up written signs or making use of your hidden, weirder talents. What they all potentially have in common is that, if done right, they could result in you reigning Fiverr sooner than you think – and all that from your favourite chair.

Get paid to watch movies and TV shows

Who here likes Netflix? Yes, us too. What you may be surprised to learn is that you could be earning bucks for indulging in binge-watching of your favourite (okay and not so favourite) TV shows and movies. How’s that? Namely, sometimes Netflix – and other so-called entertainment companies – will hire people like you to watch films and tag them, so that others could find movies suited to their taste thanks to you.

Earn money as a website tester

No one likes to browse a poorly designed website that’s anything but user-friendly, do they? That is why people, especially bloggers, will actually pay you good money to test their websites or blogs. All you need is a laptop, high-speed internet connection and possibly a webcam; if you’re fluent in English, the job could be yours in no time!

Become a professional gambler/work in the iGaming world

Earning a living as a professional gambler is definitely unorthodox, but it can be done. If you feel like you’re especially good at online gambling, with your main source of income being jackpots and winnings, then perhaps this could be your path towards fortune. What’s more, working in the iGaming industry is another option you might consider, as it could be your chance to get to know the trade inside-out. In the words of Jovan Simov, a project controller at AskGamblers, “This industry is well ahead of other industries. If you’d like to land a gambling job, bear in mind that you need to be a fast learner and adapt quickly. Other than that, it can be a lot of fun if you’re a gamer.”

Become an Amazon seller

Did you know you can sell stuff on Amazon? You may be surprised to learn that 40% of all unit sales on Amazon come from third parties, so… why not you? All you need to do is meet the requirements prescribed by Amazon, submit your request and if you’ve been approved, you’re ready to go!

Work as a mystery shopper

While there are numerous other ways to earn money from the comfort of your home, here’s the last one we’ve chosen for today: mystery shopping. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, here’s the gist of it. In short, mystery shopping entails you posing as a shopper in order to try out and evaluate the goods for a client who can then improve their product or services. Simple as that. If, on top of everything, you’ve got a good memory and a keen eye for detail, you’ll do more than great. However, make sure you steer clear of scams and, in order to do so, avoid companies that ask you to pay fees or guarantee you a set income.

Ultimately, the internet is your oyster. A well-oiled, fruitful oyster that, if used properly, can be a fantastic source of dough. So go ahead and use it! Who needs an office anyway?

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