8 Weeks to 10k Challenge – Affiliate Marketing and Online Lead Generation

8 Weeks to 10k Challenge – Affiliate Marketing and Online Lead Generation

Follow our weekly summary of Josh Cope’s myMLMFormula 8 Weeks to 10k Challenge training sessions to learn the techniques that leverage the raw power of the Internet in an active and effective manner that is growing our prospects list for our home based business.

Session 1: How To Setup Your Cash-Generating Front End Products

Marketing to friends and family (Warm Market) is very limiting. It takes time and time equals money and people have a finite number of family members and friends. Network Marketing, on the other hand is not limited by the number of people you know. However, it does takes money and it can also be time consuming. The sad truth is most Multilevel Marketers will run out of money, not to mention time, energy, and belief in the industry, before their efforts are able to generate any profits.

The solution to these problems is Funded Proposal Marketing, often called Affiliate Marketing, which allows you to develop a list of prospects by offing a valuable product or service at a very low cost.  The valued product or service helps to build your credibility with your prospect list and the income helps to keep your marketing efforts moving forward. The larger your prospecting list and the better the relationship you have with the people on your list the more success you will have at marketing your primary products or services. Each participant signed up for 2 Affiliate products. 

Session 2: Introduction To Your New Online Lead Generation & Cash Machine

This session was all about the personalized blog that has been setup for each individual participant. WordPress with OptimizePress is the tool that is being used. All participants have their own blog using the domain name of their choice and their photograph. The blog came complete with the content required for the Affiliate products we signed up for. Each participant is being asked to complete “About” and “Contact” pages. Each participant is being asked to create at least 4 blog posts.

Posts are dynamic in nature and are used for sharing content with the world.

Pages are static in nature and are best suited for “About” and “Contact” information.

We also learned about Google Voice and other tools that permit phone calls and text messages to your existing cell phone number without you having to give out your personal number. Only my family, closest friends, and a very few business contacts have my cell number, and I intend to keep it that way!

Session 3: How To Build A True Asset That You Can Mine The Gold From For A Lifetime

This session was all about automating the building of your prospect list, building a relationship, and marketing products and services. To automate the building of your prospect list use video marketing, Solo Ads, and social media. To automate the building of relationships use autoresponders and your blog. To automate the marketing of your products and services use the prospect list you have created and built a relationship with, market your opportunities to your list, and leverage your efforts by repeating hundreds of times as you continue to grow your prospect list. The key to building a relationship with your list is to offer value. If you have a good relationship with your prospect list you can mine the list for a lifetime.

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Josh Cope’s myMLMFormula 8 Weeks to 10k Challenge training provides the most hard hitting, effective network marketing strategies around so that anyone can quickly and easily plug them into their home business to build their prospects list and for more cash in their bank account.

Special Session: Rippln

Rippln is currently in the pre-launch phase and is signing up “players” who have been invited by other Rippln “players”, similar to the way Pinterest launched.

Rippln is a new service about to launch that combines a mobile app with gamification which is monetized through a network marketing model.

In a nutshell, Rippln proposes to track your social share graph of products, apps, music, etc. all the ecommerce stuff you share on a daily basis, then pay you earnings based on your reach, or “Ripples”!

Imagine the opportunities when this thing goes viral! not only will early adopters have the biggest ripples working for them, but the marketing data on hot products, what is being shared etc. will be a game changer!

Imagine having an army of sellers all incentivized by a third party to promote your products!

Track popular content and geo target offers directly to those platforms that are showing the best conversions and interest.

The possibilities are endless and as with any other revolutionary medium, new methods of profiting off of it will evolve constantly.

Get your personal Rippln invitation now.

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