Aflac Residual Income & Salary Opportunities – Real Agent Stories

Aflac Residual Income & Salary Opportunities – Real Agent Stories

Discover residual income & salary opportunities at Aflac. Learn about the appeal of insurance careers & their residual income opportunities from agent Blaze Freeman.

Blaze: My name is Blaze Freeman, State Sales Coordinator of Louisiana West, and I have been with Aflac for eleven years. When I first started, I didn’t know a lot about Aflac. I didn’t know a lot about the company, I didn’t know about how strong our family values were, and how great the people were, and how great the company is. I just saw potential in the market, and an opportunity, and what closed it for me originally was I understood the power of a residual income, and the fact that our products pay renewals, and that really intrigued me, and I thought that was something, “Hey, I can go to work for that,” because long term, that will reward me for many, many years to come. All kinds of people, I see all walks, all shapes and shades and sizes. I believe anyone can do this job and be very, very good at it. The name Blaze, I get that a lot actually, probably daily. The most rewarding thing I see with new people is that the original excitement, the excitement when a new associate makes their first sale or secures their first account. And that is absolutely contagious, you can’t manufacture that. A lot of my free time is with family, and if I can sneak away from that from time to time, I really enjoy saltwater fishing.



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