Article Writing: Why Killer Content Is King

Article Writing: Why Killer Content Is King

Long before the online world was developed, the major rule in print was that “content is king.” These days, where online content dominates print content, many of the world’s top SEO and web marketing experts still say that “content is king.”

Why is it that even after decades, no matter the medium, content is nonetheless the heart of good marketing?

Content Really Is Exactly What Builds Loyalty

Businesses aren’t built on first-time visitors. Companies like Forbes Magazine do not make most of their revenue from people plucking up their magazine for the very first time.

They make income from individuals who have read through their articles and subsequently decided it was beneficial enough that they either want to purchase again or subscribe long term. If the company had to get a new customer every time in order to get paid, they’d all have failed by now.

Even so countless online publications address their business that way. Instead of focusing on repeat customers, they concentrate on optimizing for search engines to attract new customers.

At the end of the day, nevertheless, the truly popular and successful information sites like Huffington Post and TechCrunch ultimately attain most of their readers from repeat visitors. The search engines adore them however, their enterprises would be a fraction of what they are now if they didn’t produce great content.

The Evolution of Search Engines

For many years Google and other search engines have worked towards making their search results extract more relevant results. They want people who search on their engines to find the best content possible in relationship to what they’re looking for.

As search engines get more intelligent, marketers who concentrate largely on marketing strategies rather than actual content will disappear.

As long as you cultivate your online business around great content while having a reasonable awareness of basic SEO, your site will thrive. If you place all your attention on SEO and do not afford much focus to your content, you will constantly be trying to stay one step ahead of the search engines.

Now, I have a confession to make. I personally find creating awesome content extremely difficult. In fact I would say that developing and delivering great content is my number 1 problem in network marketing . Honestly, who has time to create interesting, informative, and useful content when they work full time, take care of family and pets, not to mention housework and yard work? And then there are all of the email messages to filter through, social media posts to make, webinars to attend, and ads to create and administer.

I need to tell you that recently I was desperate to find a way to deliver quality content and I put all of my other activities on hold and spent a week or so searching terms like “content writing software” and “article writing program” and downloading and testing several of the products that I found. Sadly I was not very impressed with the first three that I tried. Then I found what I was looking for: ChimpReWriter.

At first I was skeptical about ChimpReWriter. You see, I wasn’t looking for a rewriter, also known as an article spinner, and besides here are a number of very good free article spinners available at various internet sites. No, I wanted a tool that could find topics and content from numerous sources, combine the search results, and then help me turn the words into a great article. ChimpReWriter has done that for me and we have also reaped the benefit of a significant increase of traffic to our SimplifiedMLM Blog.

There is an old saying “Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves”. The use of  has helped to make a “Content is King” believer out of me and has resulted in my new, network marketing focused saying. “Take care of the content and traffic will take care of itself”.

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