CPA Earns $100,000 Monthly Residual income from Ignite

CPA Earns $100,000 Monthly Residual income from Ignite

This is a WFAA News click from the Ignite Opportunity. This is the Official Version that aired on TV… Not the Edited version found on the Ignite Replicating sites



Shaib Hasan says:

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Associate Power says:

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jimcat0814 says:

We just signed up with Ignite one month ago & I was a little skeptical at first. But, we made over $1300. in 3 weeks! Email us for more info [email protected]

Hossain Ahmad says:

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Randall Klassen says:

Pyramid Scheme Alert has an article about an Atlanta newspaper that did an investigation about this pyramid scheme.

Randall Klassen says:

Typical MLM pyramid scheme.

Shakasha says:

Are you really trying to say offering people cheaper electricity is a scam. How is anyone suppose to know how much the client will save if it depends on so many things like how much there company charges them per kilowatt hour is just one thing you need to know before you can see how much they will save. If you live in the Dallas, Tx area then Oncor is the company that six the lines no matter what company you have. Billing issues you should take up with Stream Energy which isthe electric company

Shakasha says:

It is very promising and no the company didn't close. Stream Energy/Ignite is still going strong with over 5 billion in revenue and the #1 energy direct selling company in the world.So we will never shut down. If your interested in join email me at [email protected]

IndiePharm says:

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Africansisters Com says:

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ksuresh25 says:

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irrelavant13 says:

No sir! This company is going strong. I just joined about a month ago and I've already made close to a $1000 back. The key is having a good upline to depend on for advice and support. Luckily, I have a superb upline. Energy deregulation only happens once so you better jump on it while you can. If you want to know more just let me know!

Dinu Sri Madhusanka says:

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ResidualIncomeful says:

Thanks for the video, it looks very promising. Is this the same company that recently shut down in Texas. Are they still open for business? It seems like a great source of residual income.

Nikki Tucker says:

rich but it

Nikki Tucker says:

Guys I found this method and is very interesting, I'm not getti

Phoon Stev says:

Wow. that is a wonderful sharing.. thank you very much

Chris Knott says:

Well if being number 1 according to WSJ is "OK", then I'm great with being "OK"

Don Jordan says:

Ignite is OK.. but Ambit Energy is growing faster than them or any other company offering energy. Jumped from #31 all the way to #15 on the Direct Selling News list of Top 100
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wilsonhwt2 says:

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