Kim Speed’s Transition from the Corporate World

Kim Speed’s Transition from the Corporate World

It was the worst of times; it was the best of times…

For Kim Speed, just like anyone in her position, the transition from a well-paying corporate position as the Creative Director at a reputable advertising agency, to a home-based business owner was not a bed of roses. After a period of initial trepidation, where her knee-jerk reaction was to look for another full-time job, the anguish finally eased when the path forward was gradually revealed.

As she stayed at home, it dawned upon her how much she missed being part of her children’s life and their activities. And this created the desire and motivation to explore a home-based business where she could continue to work on her own terms.

She had all the skills required to build a Brand and Marketing Boutique; and she put her best foot forward to create a unique business that catered to helping growing small business owners stand out from the competition and attract more of the right clients.

Kim has developed her own branding system where to the surprise of some of her customers, she does not even begin to talk about the logo, design or colors till she has helped her client dig out the purpose of their business. Her unique synergy sessions help clients explore the attributes of their business and align them with their personal values.

So how did she deal with the “F” word – Finances – in her business? Fortunately, there wasn’t a huge financial requirement to start with her case. Computers and printer, internet, phone, some furniture, etc. were some her biggest investments.

Whereas the financial part did not faze her, the biggest challenge was committing time and patience to build up the brand and clientele. This continues to require perseverance and determination as she reaches out to her target markets, which are clients based on the service based B2B businesses in financial, legal, and insurance fields. She uses her branding and marketing background to help her market her business – networking, content creation, joint venture partnerships, social media and guest blogging are some of the tools she uses.

As her journey continues, she considers her best business achievement as transitioning from a solopreneur to a business that comprises four (4) team members. All of them work remotely from their homes. But, the biggest bonus of running her own business is the quality time she gets to spend with her family.

Her advice to budding entrepreneurs is to be around positive people who believe and support them in goals. Coupled with a solid financial plan, with ideally a part-time paying job; and a clear idea about the target market, there is every reason to believe that the small business can take off with a solid start. Visit

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