Love to Travel? Work-at-Home Selling Cruises

Love to Travel? Work-at-Home Selling Cruises

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Since 1982, independent vacation specialists with Cruises Inc. have been creating exciting vacation packages. Recognized as the industry’s original travel business opportunity, this home-based travel company is part of World Travel Holdings, the world’s largest cruise agency. As part of an award-winning, reputable travel agency, Cruises Inc. has made it easy to succeed as a home-based travel agent.

Have fun working from home while helping your friends and family enjoy exciting cruises and vacations as an Independent Vacation Specialist with Cruises Inc.! Plus, have the backing of a corporate headquarters team that provides you with the resources of a large corporation. This includes a full back-office support team, web-based business tools so you can work from anywhere with an internet connection, free marketing programs and more.

Below is a brief Q&A with Donna Abbene, who was recognized as the 2015 Cruises Inc. Agents of the Year.

1. Name: Donna Abbene

2. Residence: Long Island, NY

3. What did you do before joining Cruises Inc.? Before I joined Cruises Inc. I was a stay-at-home mom. I also owned a mailing service business and worked as the advertising manager of a drug store chain.

4. How long have you been with Cruises Inc.: 13 years (Since July 2003)

5. Why did you decide to join Cruises Inc.: I wanted to do something that I was passionate about. Since we love to cruise, I started looking for companies that I could work for that involved the cruise industry. Cruises Inc. was a perfect fit for me and still is!

6. Why did you decide to enter the travel industry? I loved traveling and being the one who did all the planning. Again, I wanted to do something that I would have fun doing and which I would be passionate about.

7. What’s the best part of being a home-based travel agent: I love the flexibility of working from home. But most of all I love the relationships I am able to have with my clients. I take the time to have conversations about so much more than just their travel plans.

8. What is your advice for others who are thinking of becoming independent vacation specialists? You get out of it what you put into it. Be prepared to devote a lot of time both building your business and relationships with your clients. It takes time to build the repeat business that you need to succeed!

9. What is your advice for people who work from home? You still need to be disciplined to work at home. Set up a separate work space, set hours, be organized, be prepared to work on the go and make sure you always return a client’s phone calls.

10 What is your bucket list vacation? I’m a beach/water person so Bora Bora looks amazing to me!

For more information visit: or Call 877-515-3470

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