Markethive 1-Click Capture Page Announcement

Markethive 1-Click Capture Page Announcement

08 August 2016. Markethive, the world’s first Total Inbound Marketing System, has announced the release of the first set of dozens of beautiful, powerful, and free Capture Widgets (16 designs) and Capture Pages (28 designs).

More designs, many of which are for use by the top MLM companies and professions, are planned on a weekly basis with an ultimate goal of 1000 Capture Pages and many more widgets by EOY 2016.

These beautiful pages were designed by Markethive CEO Thomas Prendergast and feature the first-ever 1-Click lead-capture functionality for powerful but easy integration with Markethive’s unique Total Inbound Marketing System.

The new capture widgets and pages additionally give newbies ‘out-of-the-box’ usability as well as giving more experienced marketers the option of (1) swapping out the default video for one of the users choice, (2) editing the CTA text, and (3) configuring the subscriber’s required information entry fields.

These new components of Markethive’s one-of-a-kind Total Inbound Marketing System, together with Markethive’s other unique functionalities and large and rapidly growing social community place Markethive firmly in the lead of the internet marketing arms race.

Best of all, the entire Markethive system is absolutely free due to the fact that Markethive is add supported.

To get your own Markethive system, complete with the aforementioned Capture Page and Widget System, just go to for free registration. Full training is provided.



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