Markethive Free Capture Page System Review

Markethive Free Capture Page System Review

09.12.16 This walkthrough of the free Markethive Capture Page System shows how it allows quick and easy customization of all the essential elements of a capture page for any type of sales funnel, lead generation, or marketing campaign.

The Markethive Capture Page consists of a customizable widget embedded within a customizable capture page. Most of these capture pages included a themed YouTube video but also allow video substitution as desired..

The system also currently includes approximately 50 unique capture page designs and will eventually include specific designs for each of the top 20 MLM companies and common professions.

The capture pages also integrate with popular autoresponders and all elements of the Markethive Inbound Marketing System such as our own powerful email delivery system which utilizes Amazon servers and has a documented 99.7% email deliverability.

Also included is unlimited, robust and fully functional autoresponders, unlimited blogs, groups with very sophisticated features for marketers, sophisticated tracking and statistical features, and integration with WordPress and major social media.

The Markethive Inbound Markething System is equatable and arguably better than comparable systems such as Hubspot, Eloqua,, Pardot, and others costing into the thousands of dollars a month….but Markethive is free because it is ad-supported.

Free and continuous training is included and Markethive’s vibrant and growing global community of online entrepreneurs give Markethive campaigns a virility unavailable in any other inbound marketing system at any price.

Markethive also offers an optional ad-revenue-sharing affiliate program and it is the first and only fully functional Market Network on the internet.

Get your free Markethive Inbound Marketing System at:

If you’d like to chat a bit first, call Markethive Ambassador Art Williams at 713 701 1853 or contact Art on Skype at ‘atwill4’ .



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