MarketHive WordPress Plugin (RSS Importer)

MarketHive WordPress Plugin (RSS Importer)

The Market Hive WordPress Plugin allows you to import any RSS feed or RSS cocktail in the system directly into your own WordPress site.

Why would you want to do that?

What are the benefits of importing RSS streams? Simply put, because RSS content can deliver premium support to your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

So providing your chosen keywords has relevant supporting content in the RSS feed, the search engines can then rank your domain over your range of your chosen keywords and content thus giving additional search engine links for your domain.

The Internet is packed full of a wide range of useful blog syndication services. However, unlike the majority of services, our plugin creates the content on the WordPress site itself with great ease with no complicated configuration settings to worry about. The Market Hive WP Plugin allows you to control everything from here.
For those with a well-developed existing website, the Market Hive WordPress Plugin allows you to benefit from the various blogging tools in the system and to maintain an independent and professional appearance.

Like all Internet and Domain supporting assets, the RSS feed must be consistent in content and contain relevant keywords and structure of your domain website.

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