Markethive’s Fantastic Autoresponders

Markethive’s Fantastic Autoresponders

09.12.16 – Inbound Marketing platform Markethive has officially announced it’s powerful, simple, and totally free autoresponder in this email from Tom Prendergast, CEO of Markethive.

These autoresponders run an Amazon high-speed servers and use OAuth and a proprietary, patent-pending Markethive technology to earn a higher ‘trust rating’ score with Amazon, IronPort, Cisco, SORBs, WatchGuard, and SenderScore, than any other autoresponder system.

This means your email campaigns are executed faster (usually within 2 to 3 minutes and never longer than 10 minutes) than with any other email service provider.

This remarkable system does not even use email addresses!
Instead… it’s process relies on 1-Click technology and the four major social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and G+). The subscriber simply clicks on the social media platform of their choice and that’s it!

This system is a quantum leap ahead for users and sets a new industry standard for being (1) simple, (2) unlimited in capacity, (3) easily configured, and (4) easy to manage.

Campaigns are organized into ‘Lead Groups’ and users have NO limitations on the numbers or sizes of their campaigns.

Similar systems on the market cost from $20 to $150 @ month but Markethive’s system is free because the Markethive Inbound Markething platform is and always will be ad-supported (the source of the company’s growing revenue).

This the only system which gives the user a customizable capture-widget thereby allowing you to host you capture widget on your own domain if you wish.

This remarkable system captures more leads more efficiently than any other system on the market. To get yours today, completely for free, go to: or call Art Williams, Markethive Ambassador, at 713 701 1853.

Or, if this video is embedded in one of our capture pages, just click on the social media icon of your choice which appears on that page.




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