Medical Entrepreneurs Changing The Way We Treat Menstrual Pain

Medical Entrepreneurs Changing The Way We Treat Menstrual Pain

For those that experience menstrual cramps, it can be a debilitating pain. On a mission to minimize the intake of pain medication, Livia is changing the way we treat cramps. Promising to “shut off” menstrual cramps through electrical impulses, the device is clinically proven to effectively, quickly and comfortably reduce or eliminate cramps without the use of drugs, as well as the only device that is FDA and CE approved.

Perceiving the glaring need for an effective, fast-acting and drug-free solution to menstrual pain that plagues over a billion women globally, successful medical device inventor Zvi Nachum and Chen Nachum joined forces. With Zvi bringing the breakthrough core technology based on a unique wave shape and frequency optimized for menstrual pain and Chen providing the vision to engage a team of engineers and product designers to make his father’s original design more compact, lightweight, powerful and elegant, the duo was destined to change the market.

For most women, the only real alternative to easing menstrual pain is some form of prescription or over-the-counter medication. Unfortunately, the relief is usually only partial and takes too long to work, or even involves serious side effects. With Livia, women receive significant and sometimes even total relief, in a fraction of the time. Over time, the one-time cost to purchase the device adds up to substantially less money than would be spent on medications.

Positioned as the “off switch for menstrual pain,” Livia empowers women to not only take control of their period pain, but to open up a dialogue around the topic itself. With a video that takes the unexpected and refreshing approach of incorporating humor to address such taboo topics, the provocative marketing strategy has paid off. Offering a variety of colorful “skins” and using a very, bright and upbeat design in packaging, on their website and social media – it’s clear this is the positive path to removing period pain.

Imagine a world with no more pills, painkillers – and zero cramps. No matter where you are, Livia’s unique micro-pulses begin to block the pain within 30 seconds. Attach two small gel pads to the skin nearest the pain, with a recommendation on the lower abdomen. The attached device clips on to pants or other clothing. When turned on, the device can be adjusted from low to high intensity with the plus or minus buttons.

Simply turn it on, adjust the intensity to match your pain, and feel the pain fade. With no time limit for the unit, women can feel free to wear it all day long without pain. A TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine, like ones used by physical therapists, Livia’s frequency is specifically designed for cramps, meaning it’s much lower than a regular therapy session. The sensation when wearing the device feels like a combination of a light vibration and small pinpricks. No pain, but just a tiny bit of stimulation to ease menstrual cramps.

FDA-approved, Livia uses advanced technology based on gate control theory. Transmitting micro-pulses that keeps the nerves “busy,” menstrual pain signals can’t pass through the nerve gate and aren’t felt. Just clip it on, turn it on, feel the relief and get going! 

Comfortable and discreet, Livia is compact and lightweight – and easily covered up by a loose shirt or sweater. A drug-free solution, there are no side effects and you won’t build up a tolerance to it. The first time you use this device, you’ll be ecstatic, but pretty soon – it’ll be another modern luxury taken-for-granted type of product. The entrepreneurs behind Livia are totally fine with that.

Clinical research and hundreds of testimonials show that Livia profoundly enhances quality of life by empowering women to go about their daily routines – whether at work, school, home, anywhere – unimpeded by menstrual pain or anxiety about using potentially harmful drugs. With some users crying tears of joy the first time experiencing Livia’s near-instantaneous relief of their pain, the entrepreneurs behind this successful device hope that others employ the combination of innovative technology, esthetics, user empowerment and marketing to potentially treat other health issues.

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