“Merch By Amazon” How To Earn A HUGE Residual Income With Merch By Amazon!

“Merch By Amazon” How To Earn A HUGE Residual Income With Merch By Amazon!

www.Ecom-Azon.com – In this, a 500+ person live webinar, Brian hosed Chris Green, the author of “Merch Life” and resident “Merch By Amazon” expert.

Chris shared some of his greatest gold nuggets on this one… so be sure to watch to the end!



NSPART says:

These guys are clueless about copyright and are giving really bad advice in that area. Half of what the are doing can get you sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars for copyright violation, trademark violation. Check with a lawyer and do your research.

NSPART says:

It took me a 10+ Months to finally get in.

Chaouki Abdelli says:

hello, plz who can give me the link of wibinar "Top Techniques to Build a Fan Base and Increase User Engagement."

surprise_ says:

Towards the end targeting Canada is suggested, but (for now at least) Amazon only ships Merch shirts to the USA. Just thought I'd point that out in case anyone is thinking of spending money on international targeting for Facebook ads!

Erin Schneider says:

Is there a video by chance on what you can legally put on a tshirt? Are quotes or parts of movies allowed? I guess better question would be what's allowed vs. not allowed? You mentioned celebrities names are now allowed. That's why I asked. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope that makes sense.

Diana Sells on ebay says:

Question….I am a artist, could I make my paintings into tshirts? I found out I have a merch acct already…havent used it yet

Fred Rick says:

what is that webinar???

Identitees says:

Ten minuets in and i want to kill myself…

Videos says:

Cool. can you share the merch amazon link group on facebook?

cjoy4d says:

hi there. Please answer this question. How can a consumer see all of the t-shirts designs made by a certain merch seller that they like? does the seller have to have a personal web page for that? thanks so much

Heather Curvas says:

Hi I just subscribed. I work full time and sell on eBay. Want to transition to Amazon and with a full time career this looks perfect.

Mairim Lopez says:


Michelle Martin says:

Hello and thank you so much for this magnificent Webinar full of massive information and lots of GOLD NUGGETs! …. I have two questions please…. best way to see if there are other shirts made in your niche and what they are? Also am I able to put my own little logo on my T Shirts to make it harder to copy? I love passive income like this have been doing this on Etsy for a few years….3000 sales for a one off work. Awesome.

Fakhrul Sabuj says:

thanks so much

Myrna Carter says:

WOW, I'm late to this game…just applied for my invite.

Caona Bully Kennels says:

I need an invite?

Clark Moraign says:

Aaaahhhhhhhhh! Those are the Angels singing. Awesome info! Just what I needed! I just got my account approved last week! bit of a learning curve, have to figure out either photoshop or gimp. I am not a graphic guy. But I will be this opportunity is to huge!! Thanks!!! by the way it took my 3 months to get approved.

theAbeElement says:

If someone could answer this question: I want to make some political tees using just the name with my own image, ie. 'Trump' or 'feel the Bern' (slogan). Is this okay? I emailed amazon and asked but they said they couldn't answer the question without seeing it and there is no definitive answer to this in their faq on intellectual property. I guess I could check to see if 'feel the Bern' is trademarked.

yowza says:

How was he able to use the Solo family portrait image without amazon taking it down for copyright?

Gokuxtreme87 says:

How long do you have to wait for account approval?

David Ponciano says:

Sup ? FYI… Link to Ecom-Azon.Net is bad; Great Webby w/ Chris Green !!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ‘Š

Bob Langan says:

Thanks so much guys!

Rolando Niubรณ says:

Man we need the link to the Webinar he's talking about in where they say how to get inside fast in the last 15 min of the webi

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