Passive and Residual Income: 6 Key Strategies You Need to Know – Kate Northrup

Passive and Residual Income: 6 Key Strategies You Need to Know – Kate Northrup

Passive and Residual Income: 6 Key Strategies You Need to Know – Kate Northrup
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Kate Northrup, author of Money: A Love Story, gives six specific ways to create passive or residual income that she calls Financial Freedom Freeways. It’s important to have multiple streams of income if you want to create financial freedom to be able to do whatever you want to do with your time. That’s why finding out these six ways to create passive and residual income is critical.

She outlines each one and shares the pros and cons of each, as well as some tips for getting started and being successful.

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hi kate… I'm from Malaysia and Im 20 this know what? Your video are really awesome because it inspire me to generate ideas for passive income altough Im still an university student, but you have open my mind regarding how to create passive income..thanks a lot

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Isn't "tapping for money" a get rich quick scheme that doesn't work??

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Kate, very helpful video. Thank you!

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I guess I really need to rethink network marketing, I've been burned with some companies and find it distasteful. How can I change my thinking around this?

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