Read Great MLM and Internet Marketing Articles on Markethive

Read Great MLM and Internet Marketing Articles on Markethive

September 1, 2016 –, is a great repository of interesting articles for today’s internet entrepreneurs and Network Marketers. The Markethive community is full of active online business people who use the Markethive Total Inbound Marketing System to generate leads, build their brands, and manage their businesses.

Among many other unique resources for online marketers, Markethive provides a unique blogging system which allows users to do 99% of their blogging from within the Markethive UI.

Via special plugins, Markethive writers do most of their production from within MH. Content syndicates from there to the appropriate WP blogs and/or to whatever social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others) the user has configured.

There is another option from there: Using another plugin that connect WP blogs to popular social media sites, WP content is syndicated out to anywhere from a few ‘groups’ to as many as 50 additional groups (e.g. Facebook Groups) or more.

This means incredible Reach and market impact.

Markethive writers write on a variety of subjects of interest to people doing business on the internet. This video gives just a small sampling of the titles of some of the recent articles originated by Markethive community members.

Markethive members also share content within their community via two proprietary Markethive innovations, BlogSubscribe and BlogSwipe.

BlogSubscribe is somewhat similar to RSS only much simpler. BlogSwipe is somewhat similar to PLR in that it allows Markethive community members to ‘use’ other member’s content as the author.

Markethive is free to join because it is ad-supported (like Facebook, Youtube, and other successful social media platforms. Markethive is not an MLM but it does have an option whereby members may participate in the ad revenue which the company receives.

Registration in Markethive is done quickly and easily by their 1-Click Registration (another proprietary function) which is located here: Just click on whatever social media platform you prefer to use to identify yourself.

If you would like more information from me personally, I’d be happy to speack to you. Just reach out to me on Skype ID “atwill4” with the words, “Markethive Info Please”.



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