Residual Income from Steve’s 2011 financial roundup

Residual Income from Steve’s 2011 financial roundup
Hi guys check out my 2011 year end round up of my financial success and failures in 2011. This year is going to be a HUGE success for all of us in stock photography. The best way to have your images



Photo Pro says:

I liked your videos, but the reality of how Istock operates is quite different. You should do a video on the reality of Istock payouts and how much money is really made! In my opinion, Istock is the most shady organization that I've ever dealt with (I figured that a Getty organization would be done right. How wrong I was). As a contributor you CAN NOT call ANYONE at Istock with a question. You can ONLY email them and IF YOU'RE LUCKY, they MIGHT reply in a few weeks or months. I believe that the pay out plan makes them rich and SCREWS the photographers. I followed a lot of your advice and ended up completely disappointed in my experience with Istock.

Stacy Speckman says:

thank you for inspiring me! – great pics :0) – would like to hear of your success 4 years later – thanks!

Jaimie Vanderhouck says:

Okay I got two questions I really need answered.
Okay actually three.

1. What the heck is credits?

2. If I take a picture the. Upload it the same day do I still own the rights to it?
They say royalty free images so obviously they do not want you to copy right these images.

3. If I am contributing the photos and I am not buying the photos do I still need to pay those mostly payments? I am not a costumer so yeah I really need to know how this works.

I just signed up for them but am a bit lost on how this works.

Any answers would be amazing thank you!

RedMoonRising24 says:

I know this video is super old but are you still doing stock photography? Any more success stories/tips?

Victoria Fischer says:

can anyone tell me how to find someone like he mentioned to edit your raw files and upload? 

JOMY M says:

If our uploads/week go down, will it affect the monthly payout?

Boaz Pirat says:

Thanks! Things are not SUPER much better this year, although my wife is doing some good sales on ShutterStock. Check out StockPhotoGuru for some more info on the steps

A-Gnosis says:

THE most honest video. Thanx man.

all good says:

$3500 A MONTH! ?? god that's great? i'm going to start soon and my goald is at least $600 to 1000 a month and i be sooo happy 🙂 i was worry i could not even get that so i'm glad to hear that you make $3500 🙂 that gave me more motivation and hope! thx man

leolol says:

hey could you tell me something about my PF, give me some tips and tell me what i can approve? my username is FelixWenzl

bsascottish says:

thanks for the new vlog .like to see a vlog on Editorial photography thanks again.

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