Residual Income Stock Photography Step #2: What Camera Gear to Use?

Residual Income Stock Photography Step #2: What Camera Gear to Use?
Today at we show you exactly what gear you should purchase and or use to get started on your stock photography business.

And what gear is that exactly you ask. You need a DSLR camera (a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera) and a 50mm 1.8 lens. The DSLR should be AT LEAST 6MP and should be made by either Canon or Nikon. Your images will be at least LARGE sized on most stock photography sites and at 1.8 as your maximum aperture, you can shoot in many lighting conditions and have great focus fall off.
Taking great shots is not all about gear and it is certainly NOT about money. You can get a great setup that will get you taking great microstock images for around $200-$300 in the used market and around $550 in the new.

Tune in to’s next post/video where I’ll give you the next step on becoming the next person to quit his/her day job through microstock photography.



Ed Coykendall says:

no love for interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras. :'-(

srlkngl says:

you're wonderfully generous …thank you…

ديار شيروان says:

شدتحس :/

Zach Blackburn says:

Would a Canon EOS 70D be good for stock photography?

BigB says:

I would also like to know your thoughts on mirrorless cameras, can these be used? is there still a wide selection of lens's ect or in any way less superior than a DSLR?

Fa Lo says:

6:38 Cannon 10d camera only has 12.1 megapixels. My sony dsc-h200 has 20.1 mp, theres is hope.

Steves TBTV says:

will any stock photography sites accept film shots? i have a canon ae-1. I don't like dslr's and can't afford one at this moment in time.

Nile Garner says:

Hey Steve,
I'm not familiar with adobe photoshop to do photo manipulation.
Do you know of any image banks that take raw photos?

Nile Garner says:

Hello Steve! Thank you for your very informative video. I have a few questions.
I am a stay at home mom with a Casio EXILIM 14.1 mega pixel 5x digital camera.
I don't have the income to purchase the camera that you're taking about in your video. Can I make a start with this sort of camera, and also would I be able to actually take stock photos with this camera as well as a camera phone? Or am I doomed LOL! Please inform thanks so much!

Allie Brice says:

One more question. I have a Nikon D3200. Is that acceptable to start out?

Allie Brice says:

Have you ever considered teaching a course on this very subject over at Udemy? I for one need it and it would be SO appreciated. There's one guy over there who charges $97 for his course. I took it and came away with less than I've gotten from your videos here.

Gamelp Otaku says:

what about lighting equipment? I'd be very interested what you use and started off with!

Lori Rolfe says:

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Brendano Di Cafrio says:

What stock video sites do you recommend?.

Lori Rolfe says:

This is so nice of you, thanks for the motivation! I'll check out all your vids. This may help me stay home with my kids over summer vacation instead of a real job!!!

Paul Stewart says:

It's all good and well getting the right gear, but there's more to this than a simple sign up, take a few pictures and away you go. I have accounts on Alamy, Fotolia, Shutterstock, CanStockPhoto and with over a 100 on each, it's very hard to get seen, let alone a sale. Ok 100 isn't much. However, it's more than just happy snapping anything you see, they tend not to like it.

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