Sharmi Albrechtsen Starts Revolution to Makeover the Tech Industry with SmartGurlz

Sharmi Albrechtsen Starts Revolution to Makeover the Tech Industry with SmartGurlz

Is she interested in the latest tech? Or maybe she struggles with math concepts and how they apply to her own life? With SmartGurlz, girls ages six and up will learn to see science, technology, engineering, and math in a whole new and engaging light. SmartGurlz is a revolutionary toy brand whose line of self-balancing robots and action dolls are encouraging young women to become tomorrow’s programmers.

The lack of women and girls in computer science is a serious problem. In 2014, only 18% of women graduated with computer science undergraduate degrees, and according to the National Science Foundation – women make up just 28% of the U.S.’ science and engineering workforce, while men compromise 72%. This is a tech gender gap that needs to change.

“The number of women coders has been in decline since the mid-eighties, and we are sorely underrepresented in Silicon Valley,” explains SmartGurlz CEO Sharmi Albrechtsen. “Coding robots have been big for a while, but they’ve never been tailored to appeal to girls–before now.”

SmartGurlz scored a Shark Tank deal with Daymond John on the Nov 12 episode and immediately sold $100,000 in product in less than 24 hours!

“I believe our dolls are a gateway to the coding world for girls—something that has become more and more important as our technology and jobs shift that direction,” said Albrechtsen.

SmartGurlz is the ultimate fun, yet educational holiday gift that inspires girls to use their minds and imaginations by harnessing their love for role playing. As they code their way through interactive stories and engaging activities, they’ll learn how to make their self-balancing robots and action dolls dance, drive, and twirl.

Why are SmartGurlz a smart choice?

  • Empowering: Each doll has its own back story, personality, and intriguing interest from science to tech to mechanics.
  • Educational: Girls will have a chance to learn all about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) principles through play.
  • Easy-to-Learn: Their proprietary SugarCoded app for smartphones and tablets breaks down coding into simple assignments.
  • Fun: SmartGurlz is simply a whole new way to engage with their favorite type of toy.

In addition to promoting education at home, SmartGurlz gives back to educational programs in underserved communities around the world, including BlackGirlsCode, Morrison Mentors, and Digipippi.

“Almost all the coding toys on the market are geared toward boys,” explained SmartGurlz founder Sharmi Albrechtsen. “Our creation taps into her creative center and encourages her to learn all about STEM by doing the things she already loves—creating worlds and skits with dolls.”

Each stylish doll and her corresponding Siggy scooter comes with a story to tell and a lesson to teach using their unique coding app and story-based assignments.

Pick the doll that matches her personality best, and watch the gears start turning!

  • For Girls who Go — Maria just can’t sit still and loves to take her NYC taxi-yellow Siggy out on the town.
  • For Girls who Tinker — Jen always has a project fixing things and making them better.
  • For Girls who Love Gadgets — Zara is a techie at heart with an endless stream of new ideas.
  • For Girls who Create — Emma is the artist of the group who always has a DIY idea or craft in the works.
  • For Girls who Think — Jun is a science star who satisfies her curiosity with fun experiments.

By coding using the SugarCoded App for smartphones and tablets, they’ll be able to make the Siggy scooter drive, dance, and more as they either free play or follow along with the storyline.

SmartGurlz is a brand born from necessity. Sharmi Albrechtsen created the world’s first self-balancing coding robot for girls to help her own daughter take an active interest in STEM education. Now her creation is traveling the world and inspiring the women inventors, engineers, mathematicians and more of tomorrow, today.

“The tech industry is seriously lacking female leadership,” explained SmartGurlz founder Sharmi Albrechtsen. “Our goal, through both the brand and our outreach workshop, is to show girls there are opportunities for them in this industry and give them the courage to go for it.”

Join the revolution to makeover the tech industry with SmartGurlz—the first coding robots designed to inspire and empower young girls to become tomorrow’s tech giants.

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