The Power of Residual Income & How to Escape The Rat Race

The Power of Residual Income & How to Escape The Rat Race



Kendra Guilford says:

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Amelia Morales says:

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Jo Chora says:

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Mary Ellison says:

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MZ Maxwell says:

I love making Money from home!! I am on my way to financial freedom!!

londontrada says:

How does $15 a month = $6000 in the bank?

philipeusa says:

ACN is that you?

interests10 says:

so how you make residual income then?

Kevin Cox says:

I invite you to take a listen to this great residual builder. No products! No Quotas! It's absolutely  phenomenal. 
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bza069 says:

if you earn $15 a month income that equals $180 a year… this annual costs = $ 150.  So you only make $30 a year.  Plus, it costs $500 initial cost.?!?!   that means you need over 15 years at this rate to get your $500 dollars back.  $30 earning a year X 15 = only $450.  big rip off.  

Michelle Bowens says:

Just FYI….residual income from a CONSUMABLE business such as pills, lotions and juices IS residual because of customers just like customers for essential products. The main difference is people have NO emotional attachment to their cell phone provider or internet provider. They want the BEST deal and they will switch at anytime to save money. People are much more loyal to PRODUCTS that make their body FEEL better!!  That is a documented FACT which is why 90% of people making LARGE residual in direct selling/mlm are marketing CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS!!

Raul Torres says:

Can you explain the formula for the Rate of Return calculation?  Thanks!

David Q Heffner says:

Would you guys believe that I get paid residual income every month on a life essential utility? Yep, electricity bills, EACH and EVERY month when hundreds of people pay their electricity (and some natural gas bills) I get a check.

Johnb57 says:

It's all what if. Yeah, I'm going to earn $11,000 from an initial $500 doing what exactly? I can run what if scenarios all day.

Mira C. says:

How are they calculating the salable value?

Vijaya baskar A says:

hi, if they don't pay the essential bills through us, then from where the income comes.also why the users have to prefer to pay the bills through us

dean lacey says:

Great stuff yet again

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