The Top 3 Ways to Notify the Bank, Post Office, and Credit Card Companies of Your New Mailing Address

The Top 3 Ways to Notify the Bank, Post Office, and Credit Card Companies of Your New Mailing Address

Your new residence is everything that you wished it would be, from its convenient locale, friendly neighborhood, Cape Cod dormers and the wooded backyard. However, before settling into your new home, there is a lot of work to be done.

Be it relocating across the town or country; moving can be demanding. There are certain utilities to call off and reinstate. First, you’ll engage the services of a moving company or have a few friends give a helping hand. It’s also time to give back things you took from your neighbors and repossess items they borrowed from you. Then there is the packing.

The upheaval that comes with settling into a new home might perhaps make you think or forge a significant entry on your checklist; the mailing address. Even though it may seem like a minor issue, it’s a vital step in ensuring your life runs smoothly, as you forage through boxes in search of your white shoes.

Read on to get some tips on the ways to notify the bank, post office and credit card company of your new mailing address and how the united states postal service change of address online portal can assist you.

1. Write a Letter

You can notify your bank or credit company about your change of address. In your letter state your current address and even the reason for the change. Also, mention your account number and other details that denote you as the owner of the account.

Include the exact day/date the new mailing address will take effect to ensure none of your mail gets lost.

In the notification letter, state your current address exactly as it is and your new address as well so that the institution or service provider may send all correspondences to your new mailing address.

2. Contact Via Email

It’s the 21st century, and in a fast-moving world, you may not have the time to go physically to your bank, post office or credit company offices. For instance, if you use online banking, you can quickly update your correspondence or home address by logging in to your portal.

You will be prompted to input the date the new address will take effect. For immediate changes, you may select ‘now.’

Some accounts may take several days to one week to successfully update; thus, we encourage you to make changes as soon as you can.

3. Visiting the Service Provider

Visit the nearest branch of your bank, post office or credit company office to get one-on-one service. For most this may be the preferred method of notifying the various service providers about their change of address.

You will need to carry along identification for them to verify you are indeed their customer. In most cases, changes are made instantly, but some may take a couple of days.  

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