The Unfair Capture Page Advantage – Markethive Inbound Marketing Review

The Unfair Capture Page Advantage – Markethive Inbound Marketing Review

09.11.16 The Markethive Free Capture Page System is designed to give an unfair online marketing advantage to any SME, home-based business entrepreneur, or MLM professional.

It has all the features (and many more) of the ‘name brandΒ΄, expensive inbound marketing platforms (i.e. Hubspot, Pardot, Eloqua, but it’s totally free because it’s ad-supported.

You don’t just get ‘more for less’. You get it ALL for nothing.

Combine one of our fully customizable capture widgets (1-Click Capture Feature) with a beautiful, fully customizable capture page design from our rapidly expanding library and you’ve got maximum capture page power…. for free.

In addition to our 1-Click Capture Pages (no email necessary), our capture pages also integrate fully into our Amazon server based email delivery system which give your campaigns verifiable 99.7% deliverability within 10 minutes.

You also get sophisticated and unlimited autoresponders, a highly advanced ‘groups’ function, unlimited blogs that syndicate out to WordPress and all major social media platforms, and deep-data stats and tracking.

See our other videos that explain how many of our bloggers use our BlogSubscribe, BlogSwipe, and special WP plugins to get content ‘reach’ approaching and exceeding 100’s of 1000’s.

Markethive is the industry’s first and only fully functioning Market Network. Indeed, with the Markethive Inbound Marketing System you get Fortune 100 marketing power combined with a dynamic social community.

We’re what LinkedIn would like to be.

Claim your free capture pages system and Markethive Inbound Marketing System NOW at:

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to call your Markethive Ambassador, Art Williams, at 713 701 1853. Skype at ‘atwill4’.



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