Working At AFLAC..Review

Working At AFLAC..Review

Working At AFLAC..Review

Aflac Careers and Employment Information: What is it like to work for Aflac? Does Aflac pay well? Is employment at Aflac for me? What is their job interview …

I share my experience about the Aflac Job in this review. I was with Aflac for about 2 and 1/2 yrs. to build residual income without losing the income from your job. I can show you step by step instruction from your computer that work to build residual income.

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Its Sharlele says:

Just got an email from them read a comment saying scam thank you

Ciara Jones says:

Crazy because i started aflac a week ago and signed up with mca yesterday reach out to me pleeeease

Texas Work From Home Moms says:

I know that I have a high hill to climb. However this depends on your home area, I was able to start selling to businesses in my area.

tachikoma747 says:

It really depends on who is in your home office. If you have a cut and dry office that doesn't help and wants you to sit and cold-call all day then you will really have to work.

Lithus17 says:

@Kellie Anne

How's this for accurate:
-Aflac recruiters lie to you at the door. They fill your head with false promises and hope. They'll tell you:
-"Be your own boss!" Wrong. You report to several different ppl. RSC's, DSC's and CIT's to name a few.
-"Make your own hours!" Buzzt wrong! Despite being told this, you are warned to work 40+ hour a weeks. For 32 weeks you have to prove it in CDI meetings.

Then there are the never ending meetings. Monday morning district meetings (2 1/2 hrs), Friday Championship (3hours), Mid week CIT team meetings (2hrs) Quarterly regionals (8 hours)They have a meeting for everything. Kinda hard to run "your own business" sitting in a chair getting lectured about productivity.

-"Make as much as you want!" Wow really? So with making my own hours I can do this part time right? Nope!! There is no such thing as a part time Aflac agent. Which means you work full time with Zero paychecks! You will go weeks and even months without making a dime. And you will be singled out in all those meetings.

grinzz2012 says:

Aflac is a scam

Tim Jefferies says:

Just curious… I am a new aflac agent in Texas. My training has been great. I have never been asked to leave my home market, in factย I was advised to work it. Now having been in the insurance business for a while (1 year), I was shocked that my Peer sales manager actually has worked with building my leads. Not knocking your video,but what exactly does your new endeavour have to do with AFLac.

John E Brown says:

I will give this a like and wish you well Ken

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