Zeqr – A New Online Knowledge Sharing Platform for Businesses

Zeqr – A New Online Knowledge Sharing Platform for Businesses

Today the Internet is essential to everyday life in many ways. From checking what our friends are doing (since it seems there is no other way to know this, hm!?), being always up to speed with the latest information (North Korea threating to do what exactly) to watching or even creating cat memes (a whole new level…). In recent years we ponder on privacy, security, governments and enterprises oversight but also how would living offline even look?

Indeed, we live in a truly remarkable time. But leaving aside the crazy things we can also acknowledge the fact that the most important technology of our age has enabled us to create a more connected world. World in which access to information is no longer exclusive to a minority but an opportunity to all. One cannot but embrace the fact that the exchange of information and the possibilities this brings about in changing the lives of many and creating more equal opportunities.

If anything, over the years our online world has become the number one learning place. And a great one too. Access to knowledge and information has never been greater in human history. Thousands of websites and platforms offer individuals and institutions alike to share their resources, knowledge and skills to other people. And as the knowledge and information moved online, so have the most reputable college institutions in the world, offering high quality content and even entire curriculums online for your convenience.

Over time, the way the knowledge and information is exchanged is also evolving. Platforms are racing to come up with new ways to make it as convenient, easy and user friendly for people to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in order to become more successful in their respective fields of expertise. This makes us wonder how this has not already became a thing of the past, but the fact is it hasn’t. We are certain that somehow, the exchange itselft should be a lot faster, easier, more intuitive and efficient.

A more interactive solution crossed our path recently that allows you never to leave your house yet still gain expert knowledge on just about any subject or topic of interest. For people working from home but still looking for professional expertise, a great platform to try is https://www.zeqr.com/ . It’s a new knowledge sharing marketplace that connects people offering their expertise, knowledge or skills with people in need of advice or expert opinion in a certain field. Zeqr allows direct interaction with experts from the convenience of your home via live video, sound and screen sharing. Moreover, unlike traditional learning platforms that are mostly based on massive online open courses with lecture based systems, Zeqr offered an entirely new approach based on interaction between experts and users.

Experts on Zeqr offer classes and determine the price and their schedule according to their choosing, while those seeking knowledge can search for classes/live sessions or experts based on there area of interest, knowledge level, schedule and pricing. There are already hundreds of topics taught by hundreds of experts in categories ranging from business, finance, entrepreneurship, technology, lifestyle, health… And in case that a user seeking expertise or advice in a particular field doesn’t exist at the moment in which Zeqr is scaling, there is an option to make a request for a specific class, field and level of expertise.

The cost of each class depends largely on experts. Feedback and rating system ensures quality control and provides future users with information on experts. Not only that, but Zeqr already has a strict policy in place of checking every expert before approving them to offer their classes. Currently areas of business, communication, personal health, lifestyle and technology are those in which experts are most sought after, but we see that as the platform gains steady adoption, no category will be left out.

Zeqr is definitely offering a new way to revolutionize how people share information and deepen their knowledge. Scaling and evolving this method of live 1-on-1 video will lead to more interactive and personal knowledge exchange and we believe Zeqr is just one of the platforms that will bring about this way. Especially for people working from home and small businesses, it will allow for a new and fast-paced way od seeking particular expertise or advice. Like many industries that had to move to on-demand, so does knowledge and education. It seems that the time of catering to individual needs has begun long ago, just not in every aspect of our daily life. However the time in which people share their knowledge easily and without hassle in just about anything to people looking to acquire it is definitely here. And new ways of how this will be accomplished will emerge. To learn more about Zeqr, register as an expert of take a class, visit https://www.zeqr.com/ .

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